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The Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS)

Rochambeau is an accredited member of AIMS. Founded in 1967, AIMS is a vibrant association of about 120 independent schools in Maryland and the District of Columbia. AIMS' mission is to support its member schools by providing:

  • Professional development workshops, conferences, and retreats for teachers, administrators, and school trustees. AIMS events, which total more than 70 each year, include the annual conference for Heads of Schools in Annapolis; Making Schools Safe; Learning to Lead; and many others throughout the year. 

  • Rigorous and effective accreditation services. The AIMS accreditation process holds member schools accountable to standards and supports their ongoing efforts to strengthen their curricula and pedagogy.         

  • Public advocacy that protects their independence from governmental regulation.          

The Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE)

Rochambeau is part of the extensive AEFE network of nearly 500 French schools with over 330,000 students enrolled in 135 countries.

France is the only country that has made the choice to have such an extensive network of schools outside of its borders.

Rochambeau is accredited ('Homologation") by the French Ministry of Education which certifies that the teaching provided by the school complies with the demands, curricula, teaching objectives and organizational rules of the French education system. All students from accredited schools can pursue their education in any French school, either in France or abroad, without having to take an entry examination.

Rochambeau is one of 43 accredited French Schools in the US and every grade from PS to Terminale is accredited under this system.

Means-tested scholarships are available from the French Government to help families fund their children's tuition. French schoolchildren aged 3 or more enrolled on the Register of French Nationals Living Abroad and attending a French School are entitled to this financial assistance.

Rochambeau also has its own means based financial aid program, open to all nationalities. For more information about Rochambeau’s financial aid policy for all students, please see

All 43 accredited schools in the United States operate under either a partnership ("Partenariat") for 41 of them, or a convention ("Convention") status  for 2 of them, with the AEFE.  Rochambeau is in a convention (“Conventionnement”) with the AEFE. As part of its convention with the AEFE, Rochambeau receives logistical support from the AEFE, mainly in the form of its appointed Head of School (Proviseur), Preschool Director (Directeur maternelle), as well as 4.5 teachers (out of a total of approximately 125).  In turn, Rochambeau pays to the AEFE a financial contribution amounting to approximately 6% of its revenues.

Recognized by the Department of Education of the State of Maryland

Rochambeau awards the US high school diploma to students who complete the necessary coursework. Generally, this diploma is awarded at the end of 11th grade (première).



French Government | French Embassy
French American Chamber of Commerce
Washington Accueil

Alliance Française de Washington DC
Forest Rd Campus
Elementary • Secondary • Administrative Offices
9600 Forest Rd Bethesda, MD 20814
3200 Woodbine St Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Bradley Campus
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