Parent AssociatioN

PAR is Rochambeau’s Parent Association is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Maryland (click here to read our by-laws).

The PAR Board Members for 2019-2020:

  • Françoise ROTH, President
  • Stéphanie MENARD, Vice President
  • Pauline MOUHANNA, Secretary
  • Alain HAJJAR, Treasurer
  • Catherine de CANECAUDE
  • Dara DUGUAY
  • Alexandra OLIVO
  • Caroline VAQUETTE

Please use the button above or click here to become a member today. When making the payment, make sure to enter the name(s) of your child(ren) and their class(es) under "Write a note". The annual fee per family is $20.  

Fall Break - Camp Partner

We are happy to inform you that the Alliance Française is organizing a fall break camp during the October 2019 vacation. For parents who live or work in Washington or in Virginia, it is another option (in addition to the camps at Rochambeau) that is perhaps more convenient. For more information, please read this letter from PAR or review this flyer from our partner.

Lunch and Other Services

PAR works to provide services that enhance the supports offered to our Rochambeau community. PAR projects and programs include Yearbook editing, lunch offerings at the school (sandwiches and bento boxes) and partnerships to support health and wellness.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Parent Association of Rochambeau (PAR) is an independent and non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the cooperation and permanent dialogue between the parents, the administration, and the teachers of Rochambeau, the French International School, with the best interests of the students in mind. PAR supports academic and non-academic activities for the benefit of the school’s community.

Our Vision

By assisting in bringing our diverse multi-cultural community together and advocating for collaboration, PAR supports Rochambeau in being more efficient and effective in offering our children the best education and environment possible. It represents the views of the parents before the school administration, teachers, and Board of Trustees in a proactive and respectful manner; and it provides a forum among parents concerning issues related to the interest and development of their children and of the community at large.

Core Values

  • To act in the best interest of the children;
  • To be open to and inclusive of the ways, opinions, and suggestions of our diverse and multicultural community;
  • To operate in an open and transparent manner.


PAR represents families within the school and promotes a strong cooperation between Rochambeau’s parents, management and teachers by maintaining a constant dialogue with the diverse parties of the school.

PAR maintains parents’ representation in various committees pertaining to the French school system such as Conseil d’établissement and Conseil d’école. For more information and to read the minutes of each meeting, please log into the Parent Portal (under Docs+Resources): log in.

Thanks to regular meetings with school management, PAR can work on themes important to parents as well as on all questions related to the school.

2017-2018 Elections were held in October 2017 in order for parents to select members of the Conseil d'établissement and Conseil d'école. We congratulate the parents who were elected to serve in these positions and thank them for their service throughout the year.

Florence BHAT

Olivier DE BLOCK
Tina Khoie MONGEAU
Véronique DUFRESNE


PAR leads committees and organizes events allowing parents to volunteer and better get to know other parents and our school staff.

For instance, PAR organizes a back-to-school breakfast to welcome new parents and a King’s Cake (Gallette des Rois) celebration in January.  PAR also supports the school in the organization of events such as the Winter and Spring Fairs, and the annual Gala.

How to join PAR

When registering your child(ren), you were enrolled only if you checked the corresponding box.   Contact us at if you have any questions.

The annual fee per family is $20.  
Please use the button below or click here to become a member today.
When making the payment, make sure to enter the name(s) of your child(ren) and their class(es) under "Write a note".


You may also write a check payable to "PAR" for the yearly membership. Please drop off the check at the reception desk of any of the three campuses or mail it to 9600 Forest Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814.

Parents Relais and Parents Délégués

Each class is represented by two parents called parents relais in primary school and parents délégués in middle and high school. Parents can volunteer for these roles during the parents-teachers meeting held at back-to-school night and are endorsed by parents present at the meeting.

Parents relais and parents délégués are responsible for liaising with:

  • The families of the class they represent;
  • Their child’s teacher (primary school) or their child’s head teacher (middle and high school);
  • The management of the school; and
  • PAR.

The role of parents relais and parents délégués consists of:

  • Being the spokesperson for the parents of their class
  • In middle and high school, attending conseils de classe, then writing and circulating minutes in French and English to parents

Besides, they might be asked to:

  • Enroll volunteer parents from their class to help teachers with the organization of events or field trips.

To help parents relais and parents délégués PAR organizes a quarterly coordination and information meeting with all parents relais and parents délégués.  At the first quarterly meeting a parent coordinator will be appointed for each school campus.


We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.


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