The Rochambeau libraries are integrated into two of our campuses.

The Primary School Library (BCD - Bibliothèque Centre Documentaire) is located at the Rollingwood campus for preschool through grade 4.

The Secondary School Library (CDI – Centre d'Information et de Documentation) is at the Forest Road campus for middle and high school (grades 6-12) and a separate library for 5th grade students.

You can access the online catalog for the Secondary School Library (CDI) by clicking on the image below: 

You may search books and magazines available at the CDI. You can also find information on curated websites and access a number of online resources: digital newspapers, educational videos, college and career resources…

Primary School

The Library at the Rollingwood campus is open to students in grades 1-4 every day. The 5th grade Library at Forest Road is open once a week. Each preschool class (except for Nursery/Toute Petite Section) comes to the Rollingwood library once a month. 

Each class in grades 1-5 has a library period every week. During this time, students may peruse the books and magazines and check out materials. Occasionally, the teacher and librarian will organize educational activities related to reading.

Students may also come to the Library on their own during morning and afternoon recess. Each grade level has two recess periods per week.

The Library has more than 10 000 books, including picture books, comic books, audio books, non-fiction, magazines, early grade readers and novels. Starting in first grade, each student has their own personal account to check out up to 4 books (3 in French and 1 in English) at a time for a period of two weeks. 

Secondary School

The Library at Forest Road (the CDI) is open to students, teachers and staff to read, borrow materials, conduct research and collaborate

  • From 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday

The CDI has roughly 10 000 materials (novels, non-fiction, comic books, manga) and has about twenty subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.

The Librarians help students learn how to conduct research and work in partnership with teachers on educational projects.

Students are assigned a number to check out books and may borrow up to three books (or comic books, magazines…) at a time for a period of three weeks. A photocopier is also available for student use.

Outside of the lunch break, middle school students may go to the CDI after signing up at the Vie Scolaire. High school students are allowed access to the CDI at any time of day. On Thursdays, budding musicians may play the piano and/or the guitar during the lunch break.

Consult the online catalog.

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