The Rochambeau Advantage

Choosing a school and an education system is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. In the greater Washington DC area, Rochambeau presents a unique opportunity: a truly transformative environment in which students learn, grow and become fully prepared to thrive and succeed in an ever-changing world. Rochambeau optimizes students' potential by giving them as many opportunities as possible for their future. Having a broad base of knowledge, the ability to analyze and think critically, and an understanding of the world from different perspectives, Rochambeau graduates are bicultural and bilingual, often multilingual. With both a US High School diploma and a French Baccalauréat, they choose to continue their education in the US, Canada, the U.K., France or anywhere in the world.

This is the Rochambeau Advantage.

Early Childhood Education

The French educational system is renowned for its program in early childhood education, the Maternelle. At the age of 2 or 3, in a warm and nurturing environment, children begin to learn and socialize while acquiring the building blocks needed for future academic success in French and in English. The approach is interdisciplinary and project oriented using an overall theme in which the various disciplines such as logical thinking, mathematics, communication, oral and written skills, and relation of the body in space through physical education are brought together in a way that is both stimulating and fun. Children are encouraged to discover and explore in a structured, yet open atmosphere that facilitates and inspires learning at this young age. It all starts in the Maternelle!

Academic Excellence

Our academic program is based on the French national curriculum with a strong emphasis on languages. It is a comprehensive, world recognized educational program organized in cycles from Maternelle to 12th grade that follows a core of classes including languages, the sciences, math, the arts, music, technology, history (including US and French history), geography and philosophy. Students taking the OIB option (Option Internationale du Baccalauréat) successfully demonstrate the strength of this bilingual program, mastering both English and French as native speakers and writers.

Authentic French immersion

From the day children start their schooling in Maternelle, French is more than a subject: it is the language used to tell a story, play outside, explore nature, sing songs, or talk over lunch. Very quickly new students grasp the nuances of moving between languages, and they also become appreciative of the multitude of languages spoken on campus and in the world. Rochambeau students not only acquire a linguistic advantage, the learning environment is such that they truly do become bicultural.

Rigorous College Prep

The academic quality of the Rochambeau program is such that students obtain their US high school diplomas at the end of 11th grade and their French Baccalauréat at the end of 12th grade. Prepared for success beyond high school, our graduates pursue their higher education studies in the United States, Canada, the U.K., France and international universities around the globe. In fact, most of our students apply to university in more than one country, and Rochambeau graduates may receive up to a full year of college credit.

A Multilingual Approach

As documented in numerous studies, bilingual education enhances cognitive development including the ability for abstraction, conceptualization and problem solving. Bilingual children are better at math, focus and adapt better, and receive higher scores on standardized tests. At Rochambeau, bilingual education begins as early as 3 years old and is an integral part of the curriculum at all grade levels.

In addition bilingual children have an easier time learning additional languages. As early as 3rd grade, students can begin studying a third language. By middle school, all students study a third language (Spanish, German, Arabic) and in addition can choose Latin as an elective. Some students even choose to study a fourth language.

Rochambeau is accredited by the French Ministry of Education and recognized by the Department of Education of the State of Maryland.

Many nationalities, One School

With over 55 nationalities, Rochambeau is a truly multicultural and diverse community, one in which students no matter their backgrounds can find their place. Classrooms are full of lively discussion and students demonstrate the ability to understand the world from many different perspectives.

Rochambeau is part of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Overseas), a network of nearly 500 schools in 130 countries worldwide. Students within the network can move with ease from Washington DC to San Francisco, from Singapore to London, and enjoy the same quality of education.


 For more information on enrollment procedures, to schedule a campus visit, or for any other information concerning your child's education, please visit our Admissions page: ADMISSIONS.


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